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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Waiting for the "KANSAS" Concert

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Here's a short little clip I took with my video phone just before we were headed in to see the KANSAS concert at the casino on the southwest end of Milacs Lake. Todd, Jerry, Duane, Jason and Jason's buddy Jesse.

Our journey actually began back at the Sand River Hilton hunting shack where we all gathered that Friday afternoon. The picture to the left shows Jesse and Todd riding in the back seat of Duane's 1995 Cadillac. Our 65 mile road trip which took us from Sandstone through Finlayson, across to the west side of Lake Milacs and finally around the south side of Milacs through Isle, Wahkon and Cove until finally arriving at the Grand Casino.

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Here's a favorite of many a KANSAS fan. Carry On Our Wayward Son. Although the video is pretty funky, I think most will enjoy the sound track.

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Here Todd and Jerry chat a little about how the concert went as they leave the hall.

During the concert each of us were seated in different spots scattered throughout the hall. Jesse, Jason's good buddy, made his way to the front row and before the night was over, grabbed himself one of the drummer's drum sticks as it was flying through the air. Pretty awesome if you ask me.