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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ryan Water-Crossing Snake River

This story will provide a flash back for many who watch it.
Back a dozen or so years ago, my brother-in-law and my
brother were riding snowmobiles on the Snake River between
Pine City, MN and Lake Pokegama... about 5 miles west of town.
It was at night and my brother-in-law mistakenly went
too wide on the river as he was approaching the lake and
ended up driving right into open water. The video you're
about to watch shows the same location he went in at but
during the day. It also shows his nephew, Ryan, purposely
crossing the water on his snowmobile.

Here's Ryan's quote about snowmobiling on water...

"When first going for it you know that if you go down
there are going to be some big problems!! It was just
me and Matt Furlong no other spectators except a van
stopped with it's family on top of the bridge to
watch. Huge risk factor on the river and it gets your
heart pumping. You even get short of breath when
EXHILARATING. It was pretty neat that the snowmobile
didn't slow on the water, in fact it still accelerates
while going across. A few trips across later I was
able to back off to half throttle."

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Sand River Hilton V (clearing trees)

A year ago, the Sand River Hilton V trailer was hauled onto the property. Last spring we took a first try at leveling the 70 foot building, last fall we put in the two gas heaters and the new front door, and in this story we clear the trees around it to allow more sunlight in to keep things dry and to prevent trees from falling on the trailer. This six minute story demonstrates how to fell a tree that is only 4-6 feet away from the trailer you're trying to protect.