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Friday, January 16, 2015

A Most Unusual Christmas Card Story - and the Elephant is Love!
Here's an interview between co-authors Duane Kuss and Don Calhoun.  Don creates one of the most interesting Christmas Cards you have ever seen. Each year, for the past 15 years, he has put together a combination "CalRock" CD of his favorite songs of the year and a 6 page, legal size, family photos and story card. He mails this to over 200 people each year spending dozens of hours choosing songs, burning cd's, choosing and editing photos, writing stories, printing copies and mailing the finished product.

Why does Don do it? Love... He loves music, his family, his friends, his faith and the ability to some way share his story with the many people that are a part of his life each year.

Have you checked out Don and Duane's book, "Dance With The Elephant : Life's Cosmic Equation"  yet?

It will quickly become your favorite coffee table book, one that you, your family and friends will enjoy lively discussions around. It includes over 75 breathtaking full color photos that immediately capture your undivided attention. Each photo is expressively matched with insightful quotes from some of the worlds greatest minds and philosophers. This combination of visual and intellectual intrigue provides a boundless reference you'll enjoy time and time again. The authors weave their personal stories into the framework of a simple equation for living a more fulfilling life called, Life's Cosmic Equation.

Dance with the Elephant Life's Cosmic Equation is also a self-help, self-discovery, workshop in a book, designed to connect you with the universal principles and natural forces in the world that shape your perception of reality and who you think you are. The elephant in life is the emotional secret that everyone knows about but nobody wants to talk about. Unfortunately, these secrets that are never openly discussed continue to fester and rankle in the unconscious mind. Eventually they become roadblocks in our lives that limit the options we consider and the choices we make. Essentially, these secrets prevent us from reaching for and achieving our cosmic destiny.

Duane Kuss and Don Calhoun combine to write a compelling book filled with insightful personal stories, life-changing exercises and challenging research based life principles. The goal is to learn how to dance with your personal elephants (secrets) in order to reach a more enriched and fullling life, leaving a legacy that matches your creative contribution and potential destiny in the universe. You will be given powerful building blocks that will become a strong foundation and road map for your life's journey. "Dance with the Elephant: Life's Cosmic Equation could be the hidden treasure that will help you to unlock and unleash your Cosmic Legacy!